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Experience the traditional lifestyle of northern bush living on our trap line in Northern Alberta.
  • Travel the frozen trails in search of beaver, lynx, marten, fisher and wolf
  • Learn the ancient art of trapping, bush craft and wilderness living
  • Adventure tours with licensed professional trapper and guide
  • Travel by ATV, snow machine and snowshoe
  • Accommodations provided at 4 star rustic lodge, private cabins, hot showers, full course home cooked meals including trail lunch
  • Complimentary fur pelts and native crafts


David's Canada Lynx
David's Chip Lake Lynx
Cost: $600.00/day CAN
*special rates for families and friends
  • Guests responsible for processing, taxidermy and shipping of pelts and trophies
  • Dates available for 2008/2009 in December, January and February

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Last Day Fisher
Last Day Fisher

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