For generations, Bill Abercrombie’s family has enjoyed a relationship of mutual respect with the original inhabitants of Alberta’s wilderness. Today, the founder of Alberta Trapline Adventures runs the family business with his two sons, Malcolm and Duncan.

Bill is a lifelong outdoorsman and environmentalist. His family is deeply committed to preserving Canada's wilderness heritage and sharing their knowledge of nature, bush craft and wilderness skills.

Bill’s ancestors first came to the province of Alberta in western Canada in the 1880s: his great-grandfather was a Northwest Mounted Policeman or “Mountie” stationed at what is now Banff National Park, his great-uncle was a trapper and horse wrangler in the Peace River country of northern Alberta, and his other great-grandfather came to the Canadian west in a covered wagon from the Dakotas, becoming a well-known forester.

Deer on the trapline. Photo: James Tan

As a youngster, Bill was exposed to the wisdom of a host of outdoor professionals; from trappers to conservation officers to wildlife biologists. He became well-schooled in environmental ethics and the importance of responsible land stewardship. Bill’s youth was filled with wilderness adventures, canoeing and exploring northern Canada’s vast rivers and lakes, and spending winters in the boreal forest. He realized a deep connection with the aboriginal peoples of this rugged and beautiful landscape.

At the University of Alberta, Bill studied anthropology, primarily interested in Canada’s Arctic. In 1983, he participated in an archaeological dig on Bank’s Island in the Arctic Archipelago. After university, Bill journeyed on many canoeing adventures in the far north including a 4-month, 2000-mile journey from the Mackenzie Mountains to the Arctic Ocean along the Yukon River.

In 1986, Bill moved with his young wife Laura and their team of malamute sled dogs to the wilderness of central Alaska. He and Laura settled along the Wood River 100 miles south of Fairbanks and built a small log cabin with their own hands. They traveled by traditional dog sled, hunting and trapping for the meat and fur that would sustain them through the long winters.

Bill has worked as a wildlife control officer and wildlife consultant for 25 years and a guide and outfitter for 15 years. Today, Bill pursues his passion introducing people from around the world and all walks of life to the boreal forest he cherishes by offering adventures on his trapline in west central Alberta. Bill has gained decades of wilderness skills, with expertise in animal tracking, trapping, bush awareness and survival in the northern Boreal Forest. He is a seasoned educator, having worked with conservation organizations, government agencies, and in the private sector.

Bill has been involved in many wildlife studies for the University of Alberta and continues to consult on wildlife issues throughout Alberta. He is a director and spokesman for the Alberta Trappers Association, a professional guide and outfitter with the Alberta Professional Outfitters, and sits as Chairman on the board of directors of the Alberta Conservation Association.

For Bill, these factors lead to a strong commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources, and a deep respect for those people who live on the land in harmony with nature. The experiences offered with Bushman, will enable, young and old, to grow in their understanding of the natural world, and provide a sense of excitement and personal fulfillment.

At Bushman, eyes will be opened, body and soul will be strengthened, and hearts and minds will grow in a deeper understanding and respect for our Canadian Wilderness Heritage.